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Charles Moore, one of our distinguished Patrons, writes about the dispute in 15th October 2011 edition of the Daily Telegraph. It can be accessed online here.

An article about the Vaughan situation was published in The Tablet on 16th July 2011. It can be accessed by clicking on the link below.


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CVMS article from the Tablet 16th July 2011.

The Vaughan dispute is again featured in the 9th July 2011 edition of the Daily Telegraph. It can be accessed online here.

Following the disappointing Court of Appeal decison two articles have been written which we would commend to our visitors:

Mr Toby Young writes again here.  A blogger known as 'the Last Knight' writes about the dispute here.

Charles Moore, one of our Patrons, was asked by the Diocese of Westminster to deliver one of the five Faith Matters lectures in Westminster Cathedral Hall. His talk on the 23rd March 2011 was entitled 'Journalism - can the news be good?' You can view his by clicking on the Diocesan website link below. If viewers would care to fast forward to 22.30 minutes into the talk they will hear how he mentions the current dispute at Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School.

Another of our Patrons, Cristina Odone of the Daily Telegraph discusses the situation here:

One of our distinguished Patrons, Professor Felipe Fernandez-Armesto has written an article in the Times Higher Education Supplement on the Cardinal Vaughan dispute on 31st March 2011.

It can be viewed here.

Another of our distinguished Patrons, Professor Philip Booth has recently written about Catholic schools. His article can be viewed here.

Damian Thompson of the Daily Telegraph wrote about our campaign on 23rd March 2011 in his blog here.


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Mr Toby Young, who has founded the nearby West London Free School, writes on the Cardinal Vaughan dispute in the March 19th edition of the Spectator magazine. His article can be found here.

Our Patron, Mr Michael Gormally, the highly respected former Headmaster of the school, is mentioned by the Secretary of State for Education, the Right Honourable Michael Gove MP, as being amongst "some of the most conspicuously inspiring leaders in the field" of Catholic education. A report can be found here.

BBC London covered the run up to the Candlelit Vigil on February 2nd and this report can be seen here

The BBC Radio 4 Sunday program had a piece on the13th February on the Cardinal Vaughan row. Please click on the link below to listen to the programme - our report starts at 24.31 minutes.

The Guardian covered the story on February 1st here:

The following are links to recent press articles about Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School and the current dispute:


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